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Oxford Senior School

"Oxford Senior School is situated al Barmalipur Road, paya1." "Since its inception in 20 19', the school has established on identity of its own and has become one of the tending educational institutions in North India." This school no\v has strength of more than 320 students "whose academic, mental, physical and cultural needs are taken care of by a team of around 70 efficient and dedicated" "members of tJie teaching & non-teaching staff. The management of Oxford Senior School is vested in the Governing body which manages the affairs of the school with management , as its President . The Society by foundation., tradition and character is essentially religious in nature. It is t11e Society's intention that in Oxford School, all children of" "the Religious community should, by study and instructions, be led to the .knowledge of religion as the saviour and be built up" "in the God faith,witness and service. The same privileges are" available to other students if they so desire. Oxford Senior firmly believe in the cordial relationship with parents to work hand in hand with them for the entire "development of the students. Consequently , to update parents with the latest technology for upgrading the students."


Oxford Senior School
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    Why Choose Us ?

    • Strength of a section restricted to 25-30 to give personal care to each student.
    • Less home work: creative assignments & work sheets to avoid mental as well as financial burden of private tutoring at home.
    • English lab for language fluency and Maths lab for better understanding Of the subject. Lincoln Library for inspiring Reading habits.
    • Audio Visuals through Overhead Projectors, CD ROMs & Smart Classrooms to make learning process easier.
    • Debates and Group Discussions for better exposure. Hobby Classes as a creative outlet.

    Our Specialities

    Smart Education

    No heavy bags to carry, Smart Board Enable Classroom and Digital Educations.

    Sports & Activities

    Leaders in Sports & Games [International, National, State and District Level]

    Confidence Booster

    Confidence is boosted by interaction with eminent scholars, Doctors, Leaders and Officers.

    Right of Student

    All students have voice in the classroom and multitude of opportunities.

    Special Attention

    All students have Teacher’s attention & teachers listen to them.


    All Students are proud of their accomplishments.

    Implementing Programme

    Teachers are implementing programmes to improve student’s learning.

    Co-operative Learning

    Teachers encourage group co-operative learning and problem solving.

    Secure Environment.

    School provides a secure homely, personal and challenging environment.

    Our Toppers

    Recent Activities